Constrained Rigid Body Dynamics

Leap into the world of physics simulation.

Cascading Shadow Maps

Global shadow system implemented using cascading shadow maps.

Particle Editor

Robust interactive particle editor.

Deferred Shading

Deferred shading implemented with GLSL.

FreeType Text

Text system using FreeType and OpenGL.

LAN Manager Remote Administration Suite

A set of tools I created to help make my job easier.


Multithreaded batch execution utility.

Julia Set with NVIDIA Cg Fragment Shader

An animated Julia Set plot implemented as a fragment shader.

Dragon Warrior PC

The senior project submitted for GSP program.

C# Mario 2

Beginning of a Mario 2 Remake using C# and Direct X.

Item Usage Utility

A utility to query the library information system.

Unity Tutorial

I worked through the basic Space Shooter tutorial for unity. Pretty cool stuff.