C# Mario 2

Beginning of a Mario 2 Remake using C# and Direct X.

Description: I was working on material related to MCAD certification with C#. After picking up the language and working though some books I wanted to see about making a game using the new framework. I was especially interested any performance problems using managed code. I found the language well suited for at least 2D games. The consistency of the language along with the expansive facilities provided by the .NET framework and Direct X provided an excellent platform to work off of.

I pretty much stopped working on this project after getting the primary world rendering facilities and character control setup. I have included this primarily to demonstrate competency in C# and the .NET framework. It should be noted the graphics were lifted from a NES emulator and a Mario 2 ROM.

Tools: Visual Studio with C#, Nestopia.

Topics: C#, .NET Framework, Direct X graphics, 2D tile based games.

Here is a screen shot of the character jumping off a ledge.

Mario2 Image 1

Here is another screen shot.

Mario2 Image 2

Here you can see a video of the action.

Here is a screen shot of the project in Visual Studio.

Mario2 Image 3

Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring a copy of the program, seeing the source code, or have any comments.

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