Dragon Warrior PC

The senior project submitted for GSP program.

Description: This was my senior project but also a project I had been working on for a while. It is a remake of a popular old NES game with the same name. I wrote all of the code using C++ with tie-ins to LUA script. The entire project has about 8529 lines of C++. The graphics, sound fx from Nestopia, and MIDIs from the web made the assets professional but dated. Though I did not have time to complete this project to a fully functional RPG game, the interactive map editor and scripting allows for expansive game building.

A robust menu system was created to allow the user to interact with game elements. A windows DC was used to draw on textures that are subsequently rendered to the screen. The game code has been tested and has shown to be widely compatible and stable. Also as part of this project I created a Setup and Deployment installer with Direct X and other necessary dependencies.

Tools: Visual C++ Pro, MFC, Direct 3D, DirectMusic (MIDI), DirectSound, DirectInput, LUA, Nestopia, GIMP, IExpress.

Topics: Direct X graphics, 2D tile based games, MFC GUI, Setup and Deployment.

Here is a screen shot in a town.

DWPC Image 1

Here is a throne area in a castle town.

DWPC Image 2

Here is the player interacting with a shop.

DWPC Image 3

Here is the player engaged in a battle.

DWPC Image 4

Here is the MFC based interactive map editor in use.

DWPC Image 5

Here is the script that loads with the main play area.

DWPC Image 6

Here is the items script.

DWPC Image 7

Here is the script for a town.

DWPC Image 8

Here are some videos of the action.

Finally here is a screen shot of the main tile rendering loop.

DWPC Image 9

Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring a copy of the program, seeing the source code, or have any comments.

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